#10 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

July 7, 2017

     I have heard nothing but great reviews on Coeur d'Alene from friends, family, & other triathletes. Coeur d’Alene is named one of the most beautiful and scenic courses to do, and is probably on a bucket list for any triathlete. My sister Gina was very helpful with the logistics of this race. She and my nephew were really excited for my arrival. Upon my arrival, my sister Gina, Tony, and my nephew Lorenzo were waiting for me when I exited the airport. Tony contacted his friend Richard who lives outside Coeur d’Alene who allowed us all to stay in his home. Gina also assisted in coordinating the news agency where I had probably one of the best interviews thus far. Amanda Roley, the reporter from KREM News, did a phenomenal job covering my race and expanding my mission for this year. Just like NY, Amanda did a fantastic job doing an interview the day before the race and she even came race day. She put together one of the best news pieces thus far. I appreciate the coverage for these races as it is all helping to promote my cause and is hopefully raising awareness and funds for wounded service members.

    The race didn't fall short of what I expected with the scenery. After a comfortable and successful swim, I was a bit challenged on my bike. I would say this was the 3rd most challenging behind Syracuse and Utah because of the difficult hill climbs. At around mile 30, just passed the turn around, I remember looking down the side of the mountain gazing into the valley and just thinking to myself how beautiful the landscape was. This continued throughout the course which made the bike less stressful to take in. Once on the run, the support crew, and the people throughout the run course was nonstop. It was continuous of people cheering on the triathletes which was very motivational. With such motivated people cheering on the athletes, it was hard to lose momentum on the run and it was easy to have a positive attitude on the course. Upon crossing the finish line, once again, Amanda and the news crew were there to greet me, which goes to show her dedication to her profession by covering my race and my cause. After chatting with Amanda after the race, I learned her passion; her husband comes from a military family, and she also has family members that have served so she recognized and appreciates my dedication to my cause. In addition, it was great to also see my sister Gina, Tony and Lorenzo who were there to greet me when I finished. Overall, I felt very good after the race but I still stayed reserved because of the calf-strain I am nursing. After the race, we went to dinner where we got to feast and I chowed a 16oz steak and chatted throughout the night. Once again this trip was cut short because I had to head home. One thing I wish I had there was my wife, Kelly, and my kids, Seth, and Carli to see how beautiful Coeur d'Alene was. For me to enjoy it is one thing, but to enjoy it with them would have been ten times greater.


Link to the news: http://www.krem.com/sports/ironman/man-competes-in-10th-ironman-to-break-record-help-wounded-veterans/451952759






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#18 Old Orchard Beach, Maine

October 13, 2017

#17 Michigan Titanium

October 13, 2017

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