#14 Delaware, Ohio

July 30, 2017

    For Delaware, Kelly and I made this a family trip and event. As for it being my 14th race, I was feeling pretty good but of course still a bit sore. On this event, I was pretty excited because I was able to sign my daughter Carli and my son Seth up for the Kids Iron Fun Run. Our kids enjoying running and for them to be part of this was pretty neat. We asked the kids if they wanted to run the Kids Iron Run the day before my race and they were all smiles. On the way to Ohio from Illinois we tried to be as prepared for the long drive as much as we could but for those who have kids, you know how long road trips are. It’s all about keeping the kids busy and their mind off of the long drive. You know, “are we there yet?” or “how much longer?”.

    Once we arrived in Ohio, the kids wanted to go site seeing. The problem with a small town, not much to see but they did have some good local food. The next day Seth and Carli were all about the Kids Iron race. Carli has not reached the mind set of winning and does every race with a smile and just loves to complete it. Seth on the other hand becomes dialed in and makes it his mission to give it his all. The race started and ended at Selby Field which is the home of Ohio Wesleyan University. It was really neat to see the hundreds of kids toe the starting line in support of kids health which was part of the fundraiser Kids Iron was supporting. Carli was so fun to watch because when you see her she has the biggest smile on her face and waves at you. Seth has his sunglasses on and straight face and has his head pointed to the runner in front of him. Seth finished second overall and we were so happy for him. Carli is also a huge supporter of Seth in anything he does and vice versa. After the race they complement each other and that shows great support for one another. After the race, Seth walks up the winner and shakes his and thanks him for pushing him. There you could see the winner’s appreciation as he gave credit to Seth as well.

    As for the race, it was fun but the Kelly had a hard time watching me. This is because the race had two transitions. We started the swim where the T1 was and all the spectators who were watching the start were trapped and could not get out to go near T2 for the bike to run transition. This was a bummer because there were so many cyclist that the spectators never saw their loved one or racers. I was pretty curious why I didn’t see them and I now know why. I did see them at the end of the race when I finished which is what really matters.

During the race I always find someone to talk to. On this race I spoke with JD Thalman and he was able to push me on my run portion. When JD caught up to me around mile 4, JD started the conversation about our bike. He just said dude…You killed it on the bike and made it look so easy. Well I just told him that normally I do well on the bike but lately my run has been slowing down. JD asked “normally”? I then said yes, this is my 14th race since March 18 not to include the Boston Marathon and Copenhagen Marathon so 16 races since then. JD was like “No way” and then I began to explain why I am racing so much and the cause. Even though we were talking and running, JD was able to pick up my pace to a 6:30 and 6:40 mile pace. Around mile 9 I told JD that I couldn’t hold on much longer and sure enough he found a way to get another mile out of me. With 3 miles to go I started to slow down. JD ended up taking 4th and I took 7th. I thank him for hearing me out on my run and I also thank him for picking up my pace. JD even donated to the Semper Fi fund which is truly awesome.  



After the race we packed up and headed home. I really enjoy the time with Kelly and the kids and they always have so many questions about my race. Carli always has the same question which is “so which part was the hardest?” and Seth has a deeper one I always have to think about which is “So you almost placed, what do you think you did wrong or where could you have gone faster?”. I then tell Seth that my goal is to stay healthy and finish the race strong. Then again I also tell myself that this is a race I want to place in every race. I know it’s not possible but I do give it my all every race and I do believe that is part of the sacrifice of why I am doing this. I don’t want to just complete a race and just say I did it. I want people to know that I push myself to the limits where I have trouble walking at the end. This is because there are people that can't to it and if I can endure a bit of pain for a short amount of time, then it makes me feel a bit better.

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#18 Old Orchard Beach, Maine

October 13, 2017

#17 Michigan Titanium

October 13, 2017

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