#15 Boulder, Colorado

August 6, 2017


Boulder, Colorado was a race I knew I was going to have to dig a bit deeper. This is because I had a great support crew coming out to watch and I surly didn’t want to disappoint them. It all started with my good friend Amanda. You see Amanda reached out to one of her friends in Colorado asking for a place for me to stay. One of Amanda’s friends has friends named Marisa and Joe. They were so kind and loving that they opened their door to me and treated me like family. I have been asked before, are you worried about going into strangers home and spending the night. Well, I don’t see it that way. I see it as Americans coming together to support a cause. For Marisa and Joe, it was all done by word of mouth and networking. Marisa herself is tri athlete and Joe is an avid mountain biker. Oh and a hunter, so we shared some good stories and photos. Marisa already knows the challenges of running an Ironman race and how stressful it could be. Marisa probably took into account that this was my 15th IM so she did everything in her power to make me feel comfortable and she went above and beyond. I also met up with two of my brothers who stoped over to watch me race. Rich who served with me at 1st Recon bn and we also deployed together, made it out to my race. I saw Rich around mile 3 on the run course right about when I started to suck wind a bit. As soon as I saw him my blood started pumping and I was able to pick up the pace. It's odd how that works and Rich was able to pick up my pace for about 2 miles which carried me a bit more even after that mentally. I then saw Rich again on my second lap around mile 9 then at the finish line.

During my transition, I saw another one of my brothers who was also at 1st Recon bn as a corpsman. Jamie caught me at T1 when I jumped on the bike. I then saw him again at T2 when I was putting on my shoes. During the run course I saw him at the halfway mark along with Joe and Marisa. Joe and Marisa made this awesome sign which has sort of a check list on it. They made a few signs and as I ran past them I tried to read them but of course I stayed focus. The cool thing about this race is that it brought strangers together. I never met Marisa or Joe and during the run portion, Jamie met Marisa and Joe while cheering me on. Those three put it together that they were there for the same reason. At the end of the race I saw all four of them at the finish shoot. I was a bit beat up because of the elevation and the heat. Oh and it might be that I have done races week after week. One more thing to add, at the finish line Adam with Team MPI walked up to me and said congrats. I never met Adam but he knows me from MPI and knows that I’m racing to break the record for the most 70.3 races.  Adam beat me by 21 seconds. The crazy part is that I saw him pass me with only a few hundred yards to go, but my legs were dead and I could not move them any faster. I ended finishing 10th but I’ll take it as I finished healthy and semi-strong.

After the race, Rich invited to me a post race party with a few pros but with such a short time line and I was departing the next morning at 5am which meant I had to leave the house at 3:30am I had to pass on it. Rich did hang out after the race which means a lot to me since I haven’t seen him in years. I can’t wait to see him again and possibly race against him, but he is smoking fast. Post race Marisa and Joe invited Jamie to come eat dinner with us. This was a treat. We had elk burgers and they were top notch. Joe asked me the day before what do I like to eat after a race. Well, I love to eat steak, burgers, fish, ribs, pretty much anything. Joe was willing to give up some of his elk meat and I could not pass on it. This is one race I think I will come back for. I really enjoyed the people of boulder, the IM staff, and the great scenery and when I do come back Ill bring Joe some of my own deer meat.




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#18 Old Orchard Beach, Maine

October 13, 2017

#17 Michigan Titanium

October 13, 2017

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