#16 Steelhead, Michigan

August 13, 2017


     After coming off a great race with awesome support, I headed over to Benton Harbor for the Steelhead 70.3IM with another great round of support. Not only did my wife Kelly and kids come, but I had my great friend Chris and his wife along with their two children drive well over over 2 hours to watch the race. This was great for the kids because Seth and Carli are close friends with Will and Kate and they teamed up with even more kids there. We were offered a place to stay pretty much across the street from the race at our good friends house Tereck and Emily. They too have two kids so now the support crowd started to grow. It didn’t end there! Our other good friends Howard and Jody who also have two kids, one of which is Cameron who wrestles with Seth. It was a fun weekend for all of the kids who were able to hangout and have fun the day before the race, and on race day they were the best fans! Then I saw Jeff, who is neighbors with Tereck, and also runs Ironmans who I met at Munice 70.3. Jeff didn’t run Steelhead as he was headed out to do a full Ironman the following weekend.

The day of my packet pick up the kids were nowhere to be found around me! They were all at the beach and in the water. Cameron brought over his body board and the boys and girls didn’t want to leave but of course my race was the next day so I had to eat. Jody and Kelly went to pick up pizza while Howard and I stayed beyond talking. The kids were out fishing and playing so it was really a cool trip all around for the kids.

     The day of the race was exactly how I pictured it but of course I was worried about the water. The day before the water was very choppy and the waves were about 4 feet high. I’m not worried about choppy water; I was worried that the swim would be canceled. The morning of the race the water was much calmer and the wind died down. At the beginning of the race Kelly and kids were there to see me off. The race did get hot by the time I reached the run portion so I had to pick up my intake of salt and nutrition. Once I crossed the finish line I was not only happy to finish the race but I was more excited to see all of the support that came out for my race. Kelly informed me that I finished 7th which was a bummer because only the top 5 get awards, but then again I was happy to finish healthy and strong. The family and friends is what I’m really happy about overall. I was with family and friends who made the weekend memorable. After the race I packed up all my belongings and we headed to Tereck’s house so I could wash up and of course have a few beers with our friends. I only drink the beers because I need my calories ya know, LOL. We hung out for some time then we headed to a local restaurant where we all ate and had a great time. Once we were done eating, we knew the traffic would still be pretty bad so Chris and Gretchen invited us to their place to burn time. The neat thing about it is, that Seth and Carli get along so well with Will and Kate. Once we arrived, Seth and Carli saw the pool and begged to go swimming. Well sure enough they were in there which was great to see them play.  Overall it was an awesome weekend with family and friends. 









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#18 Old Orchard Beach, Maine

October 13, 2017

#17 Michigan Titanium

October 13, 2017

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